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We sell Metagenix and other vitamins and supplements in our Roseburg wellness center.

High-Quality Products for Health, Healing and Recovery
We sell Metagenix and other vitamins and supplements in our Roseburg center.

Products at a Glance

We provide quality vitamins, supplements, detox formulas and much more:

Change Your Life and Your Health With Lifestyle Medicine

FirstLine© Therapy is a therapeutic lifestyle change, or lifestyle modification, program. Designed by health care professionals, FirstLine© Therapy has been shown remarkably successful in helping individuals like you return to a path of extended health.

This is not a weight reduction program. It is a disease reduction program. While weight loss often occurs, it's only secondary to the primary goal of helping you achieve and maintain a healthy body composition (lean-muscle-to-fat ratio) to improve health, manage disease, feel better, and reduce your risk to more serious conditions.

Coming Soon! Watch for direct online product ordering and discount pricing!

Featured Products at Wisdom of Wellness

We offer a carefully screened selection of products to support you clients in restoring or maintaining your health.

These include high-quality supplements, topicals, devices and other products. Most products are in stock, although some may require special order. Ask for details. Contact Us about products.

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We provide free consultation with product sales.

We sell Metagenix products in Roseburg, OR