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Roseburg Chiropractor Dr. Lauren Schroeder: Expert Chiropractic for Pain Relief, Wellness Services and More!
Safe, Effective Treatment–without Drugs

If you're in pain and need relief from an injury, auto accident or some other kind of body pain, or you just want to optimize your health, then Roseburg Chiropractor Dr. Lauren Schroeder can help.

We provide a full range of gentle, effective treatments for pain, and we can help you with a variety of other conditions, from allergies to weight-related issues and more.

Dr. Lauren combines a 17-year background in nursing with advanced training in Chiropractic to give Roseburg area patients a safe, natural alternative to drug-based medicine.

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Types of Pain and Conditions We Can Treat

Considering a Chiropractor for the First Time?

If you're like many of our patients, you've already been to various practitioners, including medical doctors, without success. You may be:

If you feel that way, we understand-we hear this from a lot of our patients. Most traditional doctors practice allopathic medicine. Too frequently this approach focuses on using medicine with unwanted effects to address a symptom instead of addressing the cause that produced the symptom in the first place.

We certainly believe doctors are a necessary and valuable part of healthcare. But most of them are trained to address what's wrong with you-instead of looking at the "whole" body and working to get the entire system functioning normally.

This difference between chiropractic and allopathic medicine is important. No wonder why more Americans today are discovering how a chiropractor can become an integral-and affordable-part of safe, natural health care.

Patient Reviews

"My life is better because of Dr. Lauren Schroeder's chiropractic treatments…”

Cori Bryant, Roseburg

“She had a genuine concern for my well-being and I feel that through the care I received at Wisdom of Wellness…”

CoriNanci P, Roseburg

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Major Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is an effective, non-surgical and affordable approach that is widely regarded as among the SAFEST of healthcare practices. That's because it:

Provides safe, natural healing based on the body's own innate abilities to heal itself

Involves no drugs with potential harmful side effects

Seeks to heal the underlying cause of the pain for the most effective approach to pain relief.

Roseburg Chiropractor Dr. Lauren Schroeder uses a variety of chiropractic techniques and draws on medical training for patient care.

Insurance and Payment Info
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Chiropractic Techniques
Motor Vehicle Accident Injury
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Family Chiropractic
Dr. Lauren offers a free initial 20-minute session to answer your questions and help you explore your options. There's never any pressurejust information and answers. To schedule yours, Contact Us.
Even minor auto accidents can cause injury that leads to pain and serious complications. Get help immediately with expert chiropractic care to reduce pain and inflammation. Stop auto injury pain
Featuring gentle chiropractic care for the whole family, including the kids. Help them grow straight and healthy, reduce allergies and boost the immune system with proper care. Get the details
We use a variety of chiropractic techniques in our practice and customize each patient’s treatment based on his or her unique needs. Learn about Chiropractic Techniques we use.