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Pain Management
What Most Practitioners Don't Know About Pain Could Leave You Hurting For Years to Come
Pain is a sign that something is wrong in the body. Often pain is experienced weeks or longer after the deeper lying cause has occurred. Spinal adjustments "turn on the nervous system", providing the internal environment to return to balance and health.

If you suffer from pain or other types of chronic conditions… And you're thinking about going to a chiropractor, but you're confused about which chiropractor in the Roseburg area to choose… Keep one thing in mind: all chiropractors are not the same!
Tried Everything? Still Not Getting the Results You Want?

If you're like many of our patients, you've already been to various practitioners including physicians and traditional chiropractors without success. You may be:

Skeptical or nervous about chiropractors because you've heard they all twist and pop your neck and keep you coming back forever?

Dr. Lauren incorporates several techniques specific to each patient's needs, working with you to ease tension and concern. Once a problem has healed, she will suggest a maintenance schedule to keep the vertebrae and nervous system free of interference. This is always discussed and agreed upon with each patient.

Feeling wary about whether it's possible to get fast results from a chiropractor because you've heard stories about people having to make never-ending visits before they got reliefif at all.

Confused about how to select the right practitioner.

If you feel that way, we understandwe hear this from a lot of our patients. Dr. Lauren and her Wellness Team have a powerful track record of helping patients feel better quickly and maintain their treatment benefits for a long time.

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