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The Chiropractor for Roseburg Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries
Regardless of the speed of impact or the amount of damage to your vehicle, injuries from a motor vehicle accident can cause muscle spasm, splinting, soft tissue tears, ligament damage, and imbalances in the spinal vertebrae.
Chiropractic care is most effective when received soon after the injury. However it is still beneficial when the condition becomes chronic. Inflammation will develop quickly and increase over time.
How a Motor Vehicle Accident Impacts Your Body

Within days adhesion tissue develops in the joints of the spine and/or extremities and cause a reduction in the normal mobility of the joints which in turn causes a response in the soft tissues. The end result is pain in the areas and an insult to the nervous system.

The chiropractic approach of adjustments to the spine and extremities, physical therapy modalities for soft tissue healing, specific home exercises, rehabilitation, and nutritional support to speed healing provide a well-rounded program for rapid healing.
We help Roseburg people heal from a motor vehicle accident injury.
Had an Accident?

Within hours to days, you may find yourself suffering from any of the following:


Neck Pain   

Jaw Pain       

Low Back Pain

Shoulder Pain    

Nerve pain or tingling    




Inability to Perform Normal Daily Activities

Difficulty Sleeping, Sitting, Standing

Difficulty with Concentration and Memory

Even low-speed motor vehicle accident injuries can cause muscle spasm, splinting, soft tissue tears, ligament damage, and imbalances in the spinal vertebrae.

How We Help Roseburg’s Auto Accident Victims Heal

Unlike many practitioners who offer limited services, we provide a comprehensive approach that includes all services with a team of practitioners that work together to benefit each patient.

Gentle spine and extremity adjustments to improve joint flexibility and stabilization.

Experienced massage therapists trained to facilitate soft tissue healing.

State of the art therapy equipment to enhance rapid tissue response and healing.

Nutritional support necessary to decrease inflammation, muscle spasm and pain without drugs.

Rehabilitation services to help stabilize the spine and soft tissues for lasting healing.

Our Wisdom of Wellness team has a strong reputation for helping our patients recover rapidly and more completely than other offices.

Refer to our Patient Reviews.

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Why Chiropractic Care for an Auto Accident Injury?