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Fitness and Rehabilitation Services in Roseburg
Try Our "No Sweat" Workout!
Includes: Muscle Toning, Cardiovascular, Bone Strengthening, Circulation Increase, Weight Loss

This membership program incorporates any combination of our equipment in a 10-30 minute program 3-5 times a week, which is ideal for most age groups (recommended ages 15+).
An initial appointment is required to complete necessary intake forms and to receive a FREE 15-minute orientation to our equipment. We recommend a private session with one of our staff to create a program to fit your needs and to achieve your individual goals.  
What makes us Different?
No restrictive contracts! Membership is only $25 per month or $4 daily.

K-1 Noblerex® Whole Body Vibration Machine

10-20 Minutes A Day is all you need for a complete work out on the Noblerex K-1 Whole Body Vibration Machine! Through working a variety of different positions, benefits include:

The K-1 is very safe and simple to use. This incredible machine was originally developed by the Russian Cosmonauts in an effort to combat muscle atrophy, bone density loss, and blood clotting during extended periods of exposure to zero gravity. Decades of research and endorsements ensure effective results. So, what are you waiting for?

Be sure to check out our Testimonials Page to see what our clients have said about their positive experience on the K-1 Noblerex.

K-1 Whole Body Vibration Machine Contraindications

If you have any of these conditions listed below, please speak with Dr. Schroeder prior to use of this machine.

FREE Initial Trial

Referral Program

Refer a buddy to start 'jiggling' and receive $5 off your next month! That makes it only $20 for the month!

Cellerciser® Exercise Trampoline

David Hall's Cellerciser® is a state-of-the-art rebounder which stimulates, strengthens and exercises ALL 75 TRILLION cells at the same time!  

"More effective than ordinary exercise, the CELLERCISER® doesn't lift weight away from gravity, it increases the weight of gravity on every cell of your body over 100 times a minute. Hence a 10 minute CELLERCISE® workout begins to tone and shape your entire body from the inside out while revitalizing all your cells and internal organs!"

An initial orientation is required and an individual program is recommended.

This equipment can be safely used by most people and is beneficial for improving: