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Ionic Detoxification Foot Baths in Roseburg
This detox footbath utilizes the interaction of water, salt and zinc filaments to alter the positive and negative ionization of the water.  

This creates an osmotic exchange between the water and the body to purge toxins from tissues and organs. The foot bath has been found to increase oxygen levels in the blood, increase the alkalinity of the body, and increase both physical and mental energy, vitality and stamina.

The Deltox Ion Generator Foot Bath is not intended or utilized to diagnose, treat, cure or manage any disease processes. However, it has proved to help the body regain balance and a more healthy state as the toxins are being eliminated from the cells and greater energy is being restored. Be sure to drink lots of water within 24-48 hours of your foot bath.
Detox Footbath Pricing

60 minutes: $50  
30 minutes: $30
60-Minute Footbath Special

Buy 5 for $250, and get the 6th FREE (A $300 Value).  Punch card available.

Detox foot bath at the beginning

Detox foot bath after pulling toxins out of the body. Better out than in!