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Meet the Chiropractor Who’s Been Helping Families around Roseburg Stay Pain Free and Healthy for Over 25 Years
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Enjoy a relaxing and/or therapeutic massage. Featuring licensed therapists, convenient scheduling and affordable rates. Many insurances cover therapeutic massage. Try a great Massage in Roseburg
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Stop the Pain and Stress. Start Healing!

We often achieve results rapidly, and we customize your care plan to meet your goals—not ours. Our rates are affordable, with no hard-sell approach. And we are committed to the ‘spirit’ of care as we serve you!

A preventive approach keeps you healthier and feeling better. Learn about our Wellness Center Services, including fitness and rehab, detoxification and more. Learn about our Wellness Center
Even minor auto accidents can cause injury that leads to pain and serious complications. Get help immediately with expert chiropractic care to reduce pain and inflammation. Stop auto injury pain
Featuring gentle chiropractic care for the whole family, including the kids. Help them grow straight and healthy, reduce allergies and boost the immune system with proper care. Get the details
Get expert help with issues ranging from healthy food choices to weight loss to supplementation. High-quality nutritional products available. More on Nutritional counseling in Roseburg
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Like any chiropractor, we help with pain reliefand we take immediate steps to eliminate it. But that's just where we start!

Pain is a symptom of something that's out of balance. With that in mind, our real goal is to help you achieve and maintain wellness so your symptoms don't recur.

Dr. Lauren Schroeder has been practicing chiropractic in Roseburg for over 24 years. She has an extensive background, which includes 42 years of patient care in both medical and alternative care, and 17 years as a nurse.

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Roseburg Chiropractor Dr. Lauren

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